Character Introduction

Matsuo chan is a fairy girl born from the sea of electrons.
She works as a mascot character at Matsuo Industries.


Born from a sea of electrons.
She is a girl who loves industry.

Her future dream is to have her own robot fight against a nationally famous robot.
She fell in love at first sight with a cute spring she picked up when she was a little girl.

After realizing that it was a part of various machines, she wanted to know more and more about industry.
I came down to the human world to learn more and more about industry.
I love looking at blueprints and going on factory tours.
She is an industrial nerd.

The hammer on her back is the first one he made by herself.
She floats with the power of a fairy.
Depending on her emotions, the parts of her head rotate, light up, and fly.

Matsuo chan

Matsuo chan
April 1st
Not known❤
Curious and always full of energy
Favorite food:
Miso katsu (pork cutlet with miso), onigiri (rice ball), yakitori (grilled chicken)
Visiting factories, looking at blueprints
Visiting company cafeterias during factory tours
Obu, Aichi Prefecture

Matsuo Channel

Hey there! How are you all doing?
I'm Matsuo chan, the official Mascot character of Matsuo!

I wanted to introduce you all to the many charms of Matsuo,
I've come from the sea of electronics to meet you all as a Vtuber!

I'll be uploading lots of interesting videos from now on, so please subscribe to my channel!