Since our founding, beginning with the production of wire springs and die jigs and tools, we have been manufacturing precision parts for automobiles and home appliances. Our products, which are manufactured in an integrated manner using automated production lines for metal fabricated parts and plastic molded parts, are widely used in various electrical and control components for automobiles.


Mold Design We have established an integrated production system from design to product manufacturing by designing dies and manufacturing precision dies using a state-of-the-art CAD/CAM system.

Design of press dies and plastic dies

We design and manufacture high-precision press dies such as progressive dies, forming dies, and transfer dies. We design and manufacture high-precision resin molds for insert molding of small press products processed with press molds.

Die parts machining

We process dies in-house using our own equipment.

Mold finishing

Polishing processes such as copy polishing and precision polishing, and assembly and adjustment are performed to finish the molds.

Automation Equipment Specialized machines are indispensable to improve productivity and reduce costs in the assembly process.
Our production engineering department takes the lead in developing and manufacturing production equipment.

10M Horn Switch Assembly Automatic Machine

If 6 child parts such as resin molded parts, pressed parts, springs, and purchased parts are supplied, the system performs fully-automatic assembly, characteristic inspection, and insertion into a special tray.