ECU case for regenerative coordinated hydraulic brake unit with natural brake feeling. We are capable of fully automated machine production, producing up to 100,000 units/month or more. Despite being a composite product, we have achieved an in-house production rate of over 80%.


This is an ECU case for 4-wheel independent electronically controlled brake system. The aluminum die-cast part and the resin part are integrally molded, and the interface seal structure has been patented jointly with Toyota Motor Corporation.

We accept orders from design consultation and prototyping of Chassis Related Units.

  • I want to make a part using Chassis Related Units.
  • We do not know the optimum material or shape for our product specifications.
  • I have lost my original drawings.

In order to solve such problems of our customers, we will propose the optimum design based on the feasibility and cost of machining, working backward from the customer's objectives and constraints.

  • We will make the best proposal from the design stage, considering the application, material, budget, and delivery date.
    Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have!