Progressive press

A single die is used to press more than 10 stages from punching to bending, etc., after feeding the plate material, and is capable of processing precise products with multiple shapes. Some of our products have a caulking process in the progressive press, or are processed by combining coil material and wire material. We have the technology to process various shapes at low cost.

Forming press

The cam-driven forming tools can be used to form freely and flexibly. The molding tool can be disassembled into separate parts, allowing design changes to be accommodated.It is characterized by high material yield because there is no waste in material width and feed.

Transfer press

Combining single-shot processes, products are carried by fingers for processing. Having many stations facilitates deep drawing (tubular) processing, and the workpiece reversing device provides the feature that the direction of punching is free.

Cold forging press

The cold material is pressurized in a press machine and deformed into shape while decreasing the plate thickness, and then formed and trimmed to make two parts into one part.

Multilayer pressed products

Iron and electromagnetic steel sheets of 0.4 to 1.0 mm in thickness can be formed with a die, automatically stacked, and assembled with other parts. It is mainly used for motor core and yoke parts.

Precious metal plated products

Plating is performed on materials such as pure copper, deoxidized copper, brass, phosphor bronze, beryllium copper, and stainless steel, using a combination of copper, nickel, tin, etc. with a focus on gold.
Taking advantage of their high electrical characteristics, they are mainly used as functional plating for automotive electrical products and home appliances.

We accept orders from design consultation and prototyping of Precision Pressed Products.

  • I want to make a part using Precision Pressed Products.
  • We do not know the optimum material or shape for our product specifications.
  • I have lost my original drawings.

In order to solve such problems of our customers, we will propose the optimum design based on the feasibility and cost of machining, working backward from the customer's objectives and constraints.

  • We will make the best proposal from the design stage, considering the application, material, budget, and delivery date.
    Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have!