With "free ideas, free workplace" and "work is something to be enjoyed" at the core, we are engaged in experimentation, development, and design. We are also involved in joint research with universities, participating in IEEE, a world-class academic society in the electrical and electronics fields, and presenting papers at various academic conferences, and we are always working on activities that are not limited to in-house activities. We are always eagerly engaged in research and development.


01 Flexibility to meet your needs.

In addition to the manufacturing division, there is a development division, a prototyping division, a production engineering division, and a tooling division.

We have an integrated quantity-testing production system that utilizes the technology and know-how accumulated in each department during the production stages from product design, design and fabrication of production equipment and molds, prototyping, and mass-production processing. With this speedy response as our strength, we have established a system for stable production in terms of quality and quantity, cost reduction, and quality assurance.

02 Proactive, forward-looking research and development

We are actively engaged in product development from a VE-VA perspective, taking advantage of our total technology holdings.

Our design room is lined with state-of-the-art CAD and CAE equipment for effective design.
Our products, developed in pursuit of high quality, functionality, and low cost, are mainly used in functional parts of automobiles.

03 In-house development and production of automatic processing equipment is also possible

We focus on providing technical services from the development stage.

Our company was founded as a wire spring manufacturer and has continued to this day. We have successfully challenged various fields such as precision stamping, temperature sensor products using new materials, resin insert products, composite processed products, and precious metal surface treated products. At the same time, we have established integrated production systems and developed automated equipment in each field. Currently, we are focusing on the development of new products and the provision of technical services from the development stage in cooperation with our customers, taking advantage of the technical know-how we have cultivated.