LED lamp unit

More than 50 types exist in LED colors, lens colors, cap combinations, and shades. Each element is integrated with the terminal by busbarizing the terminal instead of the board. They are joined by resistance welding.

Air conditioner servo module

This part controls the angle of the blowout position of an automobile air conditioner. The process of stamping, welding, resin molding, cutting, and product inspection are all performed by our own automated facilities. The contact points have been made more compact than those of conventional products.

Power window unit

This is a part of the function that prevents your face and hands from being caught in the power window. It is produced using our own automated equipment. It features laser automatic soldering.

Compact horn switch

This switch is used to sound the horn of an automobile and is mounted in the steering wheel with airbag. Unlike conventional products, this switch has been redeveloped into a shape with a built-in contact point and assembled, which not only reduces the number of parts but also eliminates the need for the customer to caulk and weld the contact point after delivery. Furthermore, the compact design makes it easy to mount.

Stop lamp switch

This switch is mounted on the brake pedal to turn on the stop lamp. It uses a reed switch that is less susceptible to disturbance factors and has fewer contact failures. We have succeeded in commercializing a low-cost, high-performance product by developing equipment that can absorb variations in reed switch accuracy and assemble them.

Holder brush

Used in power window motors, various types of products exist. Some of them are made by resin molding (primary molding) followed by double molding with thermoplastic elastomer material to form a seal structure and enable integrated processing with waterproof properties.

We accept orders from design consultation and prototyping of In-vehicle HMI unit.

  • I want to make a part using In-vehicle HMI unit.
  • We do not know the optimum material or shape for our product specifications.
  • I have lost my original drawings.

In order to solve such problems of our customers, we will propose the optimum design based on the feasibility and cost of machining, working backward from the customer's objectives and constraints.

  • We will make the best proposal from the design stage, considering the application, material, budget, and delivery date.
    Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have!