Case S/A

While the main battery supplies electricity to the electrical system under normal conditions, this product is a unit that supplies necessary electricity from the battery pack for ADS under the command of the DCDC converter for ADS (automatic driving system) in abnormal conditions.
A uniquely shaped valve is provided to exhaust air when the internal pressure of the case rises, preventing damage to the case.

Bus bar module

Connector module (1)

Connector module (2)

Check valve assembly


It serves as a backup power source for the battery. The case is made of die-cast aluminum and integrally molded, and the electrical circuit is composed of bus bars instead of a substrate to accommodate large electronic components.

We accept orders from design consultation and prototyping of Capacitors/Battery-related units.

  • I want to make a part using Capacitors/Battery-related units.
  • We do not know the optimum material or shape for our product specifications.
  • I have lost my original drawings.

In order to solve such problems of our customers, we will propose the optimum design based on the feasibility and cost of machining, working backward from the customer's objectives and constraints.

  • We will make the best proposal from the design stage, considering the application, material, budget, and delivery date.
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